Taylor Swift released her eighth studio album folklore overnight alongside a video for lead single "cardigan." Aaron Dessner confirms: folklore is Taylor Swift’s goth record. Taylor Swift’s Evermore Is an Undeniable Folk-Pop Masterpiece Clearbody Up Their Game With One More Day Miley Cyrus Embraces Her Rock Star Destiny on Plastic Hearts Song Meanings and Facts. While Taylor Swift may not have created the most intensive Easter egg process with the release of “Folklore,” connections can still be made between her eighth album and her personal life. While Taylor Swift’s fans can’t stop listening to the songs, there are some fans who decoded a hidden meaning behind the lyrics of her invisible string.The song gives fans a new glimpse into the fairy-tale love story of Taylor Swift… Just in case you’re looking for Taylor Swift’s “Cardigan” lyrics and meaning after watching the song’s music video (over and over and over again), we got you. Tagged: Folklore . Taylor just got the last word in on her feud with Scooter Braun with her song "Mad Woman" from her new album Folklore. Taylor Swift’s eighth studio album, folklore, was recorded “in isolation” during the COVID-19 pandemic. Taylor Swift recently released her album folklore. In many ways, folklore is the Taylor Swift’s rawest and chillest piece of work. Here's the hidden meanings behind all the lyrics. Or, at least, it’s her most gothic record. Music. Taylor Swift's teenage love triangle songs on Folklore explained By Lauren Huff July 29, 2020 at 09:00 AM EDT Taylor Swift. We figured this was going to be a different kind of album just by looking at the cover. Unlike her previous album rollouts, it wasn’t preceded by any press or The Meaning Behind Every Song on Taylor Swift’s New Album, folklore Taylor Swift gave less than a 24 hour notice of her newest album, “folklore”, and the world collectively lost their minds. August 19, 2020 “This Is Me Trying” by Taylor Swift ... On Taylor Swift’s “Illicit Affairs”, the narrator appears to be romantically involved with a man who is already in a relationship. The singer’s cozy eighth studio is a far cry from her perfect h. by Natalie Morin.

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